Gas Logs Sets - Vented - Napoleon

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Verso 22-GL22DutchWest Vent-Free Gas Logs

Imagine yourself in front of a roaring wood fire. But you didn't have to split the logs, and build the fire, hoping that the kindling will catch. You also donít have to wait for it to burn out, or clean up the ash and smoke after. You just turned it on with the flip of a switch. And when youíre done, you only have to turn it off. There's no cleanup or waiting. The Napoleon Reversible Gas Log Set - GL22 fills your space with the warmth and feel of a wood fire without the hassle. The GL22 is more realistic and less expensive than a gas fireplace insert. Itís simply installed in your existing wood fireplace opening.

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Verso 28-GL28DutchWest Vent-Free Gas Logs

Most would say that you canít have a real wood fire without all of that time and effort. Napoleon has proven that untrue with their Reversible Gas Log Set - GL28. You can have the look and feel of a real wood fire with virtually zero maintenance. The reversible logs give you the look of split logs or natural tree bark. Imagine changing the look of your entire room just by flipping the logs to show one side or the other with the changing seasons! Customize the look of your large fire with the placement of the brilliant glowing embers and charcoal embers.

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Verso 32-GL32DutchWest Vent-Free Gas Logs

Warmth, comfort and style. Napoleon's GL32 Reversible Gas Log Set provides 32-inches of warmth and style. Imagine a wood burning fire without all the mess and work. Two looks come in one box, a convenient way to quickly update your old wood burning fireplace with the convenience of a gas insert while still keeping the look of real wood. The split log or natural tree bark looking ceramic fiber log look is further customizable when you place the charcoal and glowing embers where you want. Get the look of a real wood fire without the hassle. Each unique, hand painted, ceramic fiber log set has two sides. You can set them up one way, and when they are cool, turn the logs around for an all new look.

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Fiberglow 18-GL18EDutchWest Vent-Free Gas Logs

There is nothing worse than being cold and wet. But what if you didnít have to be? What if you came home and with the flip of a switch had a roaring fire? No more chopping, hauling, building, lighting and waiting. The Napoleon GL18E Gas Log Set is the solution. With one box you can transform your tired wood fireplace into an efficient work of art. The GL18E Gas Logs install with ease, only needing your existing gas line.

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Fiberglow 24-GL24EDutchWest Vent-Free Gas Logs

Imagine a fireplace that is ready when you are. With Napoleon's GL24E Gas Log Set you can have a roaring fire in seconds with just the flip of a switch. There is no work necessary and virtually no maintenance needed. You just turn the fire on when you want it and turn it off when you're done. Napoleon's electronic ignition functions even when the power is out or the snow is 2 feet deep! So relax, Napoleon's got this.

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Fiberglow 30-GL30EDutchWest Vent-Free Gas Logs

Install a Napoleon GL30E Gas Log Set into your inefficient wood burning fireplace. Instead of chopping and hauling wood you can just flip a switch and relax in front of a roaring fire. With the most realistic and highest flames in the industry, the Napoleon GL30E is 30-inches of cozy comfort. Stop wasting time and energy working for a fire. Donít wait for it to catch and then have to wait for it to burn itself out! Save time and money by just turning your fire on and enjoying it, then turning it off again when youíre done.

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